Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Is there any relation between intelligence and learning? Often this question comes in our mind and the interpretations differs from persons to persons based on condition and situation. The intelligence is a term which incorporates many or one of the thing from problem solving, reasoning, decision making, interpretation, remembrance, thinking. Whereas learning deals with the process of knowledge gain, understanding the things, behavioural attitude, specific skill.

The artificial intelligence (AI) deals with the making of intelligent systems. Nowadays, AI  machines supposed to do human tasks, hence incorporatesartificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to create a sophisticated intelligence machine. But all these three are different in many ways.

Machine Learning — it is a refined application of artificial intelligence capable to learn from the environment without much human intervention and makes better decisions. Several algorithms are already available which can be used for making intelligent machines to learn quickly form the environment in an iterative way and make the decision accurate and predict good outcomes. These algorithms use linear algebra, probability and statistical techniques to find the inherent patterns among data and then perform appropriate action.

Deep Learning — The development in computing power makes the machines to perform more intensive task, hence the current generation of Machine Learning is Deep Learning. The deep learning machines uses almost zero human intervention and learns from several examples itself, thus it is entirely independent of humans. Deep learning application uses sophisticated artificial neural network to learn and predict similar to human.

Dr Jay Shankar Prasad