Garima Singh

Cloud-Based Data Protection and Transparent Data Encryption Software for Business

If someone have a business that includes remote employees, then they need access to cloud-based services. Even though using the cloud is a great way for their employees to access what they need from just about anywhere, but this makes data more vulnerable to hackers. This is one of the primary areas for data breaches and theftwhich is why NetLibdeveloped cost-effective and transparent data encryption solutionsoftware that can help protect data from harm also this solution has virtually no impact on performance. Even though data that is in transit is always at risk, cybercriminals also target data-at-rest. At NetLib Security, offer a data security platform that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of business. With a wide variety of tools whichprotectsdata, the information of customers, and the information of employees as well.

NetLib Security’s Encryptionizeris transparent data encryption software aimed to make your vital information unusable if it is downloaded, copied, or stolen from company. This is the most effective tools to secure distributed databases from cloud, virtual, and physical environments. When this information is deployed for a Microsoft SQL Server, this cost-effective solution makes a great alternative to the traditional MSSQL TDE, which is saving the time, money, and effort of having to upgrade your SQL server installation.NetLib Securityspecialize in Microsoft SQL Server transparent encryption;hence this total database encryption software can be deployed through a variety of Windows database management systems. Examples include MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, and Oracle. If it runs on Windows, Encryptionizer can protect it and also provide DLL encryption protection. At NetLib Security offers column encryption, which is specific for MS SQL, as an optional feature. With this, anyone can deploy this service in combination with other encryption services. This type of encryption has been designed specifically for groups and users who need access to an underlying table. Setting up column encryption is easy.This data protection encryption can even encrypt legacy system files. With just a few clicks, you can have the peace of mind that the data in your applications are protected. This is a user-friendly interface that is convenient for everyone, even for those without a strong technical background.