Engineering Life

Engineering life is like a mixed feeling you get when you are already 10 tequila down. For some it’s a serious, highly functional and demanding trade; for others it’s an opportunity to sack up myriad of sweet and bitter, emotional and ecstatic moments, a chance to fall in for someone and fall back on and off, to make friends and fight foes together, and to run after placement drives in your finals. Amidst all the dichotomy, there are experiences that every engineer shares in common. Even if you dedicate your entire semester or studied at the eleventh hour, the fear of failure will inevitably haunt you till the last semester, but you will soon become accommodating to backlogs as a regular phenomenon. You would be a flocking bird aping assignment from an untraceable source and rummaging around the library and photocopy shops for notes. Whining and whinging like a child for attendance, proxy to escape monotonous lectures, last time group study sessions in the library, the skewed sleep cycles for PUBG and GOT episodes with the all-time savior Old Monk resting by your bedside are some of the symptoms you will exhibit as an engineer. But no matter at whatever scale you are tested, you’ll learn to wade through and enjoy every day.

Satyajeet Kumar