Is Science a Boon or Bane: Covid Perspective?

Year 2020-21 is unprecedented in the history of mankind and perhaps rarest of the rare which forced us to adopt the new way of living. Yes, I am talking about Covid-19 pandemic which impacted each one of us living on this planet. Last year, while we were preparing our students for final semester examination in March, suddenly the news broke-out that all academic activities at school and colleges were suspended due to the outbreak of COVID’19. Whereas, the terms like lockdown, quarantine, sanitizer, and mask were added in our glossary and soon became the part and parcel of our lifestyle.

Thanks to our institution KRISHNA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Ghaziabad and its management for taking the initiative of online classes. The college left no stone unturned to ensure that the learning of its students shouldn’t be hampered due to the unprecedented circumstances. Regular academic classes via online platform were the new mode of teaching & learning for the faculties and students. Virtual lab in no time became the platform for learning practical demonstration of the academic subjects. At KEC, 24X7 faculties availability through digital support was key the highlight, accessibility of counselor at any given point of time was another milestone in the process of providing services to our students. The contactless sanitizer machine developed by KEC student received appreciation by college authority and demonstrated the clear cut utilization of science and its technology. The medical science has also supported us to fight Covid-19 with various tools and medicines. Looking around with little curiosity we will observe that science is all around us helping by all means from communication to transport, school to bank, and restaurant to superstore in one or other form. We can say that mere existence of human being can not be imagined without science however, all is not well about science. When the news of Covid-19 was all around, I also heard many incidences of terrorist attack, bomb blast; pollution impacting health, fire, flood etc. and looks like science has directly or indirectly shaped it in taking quantum jump.

It’s difficult to say, is science boon or bane?It depends on the context. Science is an inevitable part of our existence as science inculcate thinking process in terms of what, why, how, when and where in the form of facts and figures with valid proof and hence helps us to keep away from blind faith or superstitious things.

Dr. Ganesh Kumar Thakur