Malfeasance is the power of Patriarchy

Patriarchy is the term we females hate, yet live with it!!

Ever since we can remember this disparity has been here everywhere, at our home when we are expected to be more sensible, polite, humble, hardworking and what not more in respect to our male siblings. Corporate Glass Ceiling, the best synonym to this patriarchy which we are still dealing with 9-7 even when we are away from our home. Though these jobs are what we have been appointed to after a proper recruitment and selection procedure all because of our qualification and merit. Yet we are not over with it!!

For over three decades now, it has analyzed trends, recorded changes, even road mapped the future. Its writers, veteran and newcomer, tackle subjects with a breadth and depth that makes the Social Scientist indispensable to teachers and students, laymen and specialists. Recognized experts and brilliant young minds write on economic policy, social change, institutions and organizations, issues in history, methodology and theory.

The yearly celebration of Women’s Day and the ritualistic glorification and worship of women notwithstanding, there is nothing but a glorified and a critical appraisal of the status of women in India. Such an appraisal as a mere academic exercise will not generate much value unless it is socially, politically charged to fight for women’s emancipation by women and men equally amongst themselves and nurture to future generations to revoke, boycott and disrupt such social systems.

Aishvarya Chaudhary