Positive thinking may be defined as a first step of doing a work. We always start a work with the thought to achieve positive result. This thought is nothing but ‘POSITIVE THINKING’. It is the positive side which motivate us to start the work and achieve the goal. All the inventions and discoveries are also based on positive thinking. Our scientists don’t get success in their first attempt but keeping in mind the positive aspects, they keep on trying and finally they get success. From many studies, it is found that positive thinking has cured many fatal diseases. The saying, “Nothing is impossible” is based on it. Positive thinking is always proven the game changer in one’s life. Don’t let down when the adverse situation comes in your path. Always think that this situation has come to teach you a lesson, which will lead you to your dream.

We may further say, in every act, be it is done by human or by nature, there is always a positive side. The need is to understand it. Indian freedom is purely based on positive thinking. The Britishers ruled us almost 100 years. We were not in a position to get rid of them. But, it was the positive thinking of our freedom fighters which led the movement and unite every Indian. And finally, we got which everyone felt impossible earlier i.e freedom.

At last, I will suggest don’t afraid of thinking adverse result before starting any work. Start with full enthusiasm and POSITIVIE THINKING. You will definitely achieve your goal.

Rashmi Sharma