SPECTACULAR TECHNOLOGY: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

With all the attention on the digitally growing world, many of us including “me” are seeking a better understanding of the hot topics like Machine Learning and their benefits that could reinforce our interest to incorporate them in our day in, day out. Although, Professionally I am not a technical person but personally am definitely a technology enthusiast .Given the amount of responsibilities in one’s life, never shy away from spending time on things that intrigues you!! Coming to the point, Machine Learning refers to the techniques involved in dealing with vast data by developing algorithms to derive actionable insights. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Inteligence, where machine is trained to learn from its past experience .The past experience is developed through the data collected .Then it continues with algorithms such as “Support Vector Machine” to deliver final results. The real time example is GOOGLE.

I am so thrilled to learn about how intelligently Google works for us. So, how do you think google can serve so many request with such accuracy? If someone asked me earlier I would have answered that there are people sitting in google office & continuously deciding which search result is relevant and which is not .But actually google looks at the past clicks from the people to understand which pages are more relevant from those searches and serves those results on top of search .And all this is done by using the algorithms as humanly it would be impossible to do all the time and be that accurate. Technology still amaze me!!

Talking about AI , an area of computer science like we already have a subject , hoping third or fourth year students must be well versed by now in that space – it emphasize the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI is therefore machines created by man to make life easy and comfortable. These are computer programs that help to think and learn. Fun fact is AI began with an ancient wish to forge the gods, can you believe these ideas became relevant in early 90’s. AI has huge impact on many fields such as Gaming, Speech Recognition, Robotics etc. Currently, robots are being designed to play football and some of them works in banks.

Soon there will be an AI in every home like some of us already have Alexa, Homepods, Google Home. I am looking forward to this digital era, can’t wait to witness the exciting evolution ahead!!

Ms. Shalini Malik