This is an old saying “When life has given you lemons, make a lemonade.”

The interaction was scheduled for an hour from 11: 00 to 12:00, it started a bit late but went for more than two and half hours. I was amazed by the interest shown by the students from different streams of engineering. I have been to various places talking about the myths associated with international applications, but the enthusiasm of KEC students were astonishing. They asked pretty sharp question related with international applications. The lecture was over in just one hour fifteen minutes, but the discussion went for more than an hour, which was surprising. As I am used to receive questions from students while leaving the lecture hall, here I was asked to clarify their doubts during and after my lecture. I really was enthralled with this new experience.

I tried to do this during my small vacation to India. My vacation started from 27th August and ended on 21st September. I have been invited to many places and tried to accommodate them in my schedule to meet as many students as possible. My first interaction was setup at Krishna Engineering College, Ghaziabad on 28th August at 11:00 AM Indian Standard Time. I was happy as well as scared, as my flight from Milan was landing at 8:30 AM in Delhi and it would take at least three hours to reach Ghaziabad after doing the immigration formalities and luggage collection. But as they say, “what shall I fear, when God is with me”. I felt it that day, as the Air-India flight, known for running late, on that day landed 45 minutes before the arrival time. This gave me the much-needed cushion and after completing all the formalities, I reached the college in time.  Students were waiting for me and before starting the lecture I had a wonderful conversation with KEC director Prof. Sandeep Tiwari, a visionary who only thinks about the better future of his students.

I said that when I met Director Prof. Sandeep Tiwari sir, I felt he is a visionary person. Even though he had a pretty busy schedule, he made sure to be free during my lecture and sat for the whole interaction. He was encouraging his students to ask me as many questions and doubts they have. His presence during the lecture made a huge difference to the motivation of students. I felt humbled with the kind of reception and honor I was given by KEC.

When I look back now, I felt that I started my journey on a very positive note. During my interaction with students, I truly forgot that I had a 9-hour long flight from Milan, and even though I didn’t have a good sleep in the flight, there was no fatigue and no tiredness. I was thrilledto share my knowledge with this talented group of students. That is why I said in the starting “When Life Gives you a Lemons, Make a Lemonade”. I always had two choices, the first one was I reach Delhi, stay at my relative’s house and wait for my evening train to Patna, the second one was I reach delhi, put my luggage at relative’s place and go for the interaction with students and then wait for my evening train to Patna. I chose the latter and I couldn’t be happier to leave KEC with so many beautiful memories. I can’t thank God enough for this wonderful opportunity.

This wouldn’t have been possible if Dr. Arpita and Director Prof. Sandeep Tiwari sir had not been so generous to host me. Once again, I thank them for the opportunity, and I look forward to helping their students in future also.

Mr. Anurag Srivastava
University of Turin, Italy