we own splendid linkages
and collaborations with

At KEC, we own splendid linkages and collaborations with Industries, national industrial associations and other renowned organizations. The need for innovation in today’s environment and increased attention in management practice and research seek for Industry-Institute Interaction which enhances the way to gain knowledge and conduct of activities in an institution. Our real asset is our active association with IIT Kanpur, Ghaziabad Mechfab Pvt. Ltd., Triedge solution Pvt. Ltd., ACEZD Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., Sun LabTek Equipments Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., Centum Foundation And other leading professional bodies. Wherever possible, we involve people from industry in our lectures, visits and work-based experiences so that we can develop the most up-to-date skills needed in the workplace

  • 1. ACEZD Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

    It introduces new academic programmes related to industry institute interaction including development of curriculum, collaborative research, short term academic programmes, industrial visit and training for students. It includes collaboration in management and educational consultancy services. It provides services of personality development and soft skill training to the Institute. Its leading concept is to take the creative idea to the market and serves in business advisory space. It combine software, services and consulting to enable the integration of product content across business functions and processes.

  • 2. Ghaziabad MECHFAB (Pvt.) Ltd, Ghaziabad

    They are dedicated towards providing a full range of advanced quality of construction and building solutions. They pride at very high level of quality service which is rendered in compliance with industry accepted standards and norms. They leverage on experience, expertise and domain knowledge to fabricate superior quality solutions.Their persistence to quality aids in achieving extensive industry experience and solution appreciation. They owncommitment to quality and excellent products consistently meeting the industry quality norms.

  • 3. Triedge Solution Private Limited

    To create a dynamic and symbiotic relationship between the individual and the corporate. TriEdge is committed to help you find your competitive edge. The services offered by Triedge such as resume writing, its skilling interventions amongst many others are thus indispensably significant – they prepare and equip talented individuals to find and occupy their niche in this challenging business world. In a fiercely competitive corporate environment, the thin line between success and disappointment is composed of the minutest errors – minor yet significant shortcomings. Inexperienced individuals are often oblivious to the finer nuances of employability that can make or break their potentially glorious future.

  • 4. Sunlabtek Equipments Manufacturing Private limited

    LabTek has built a solid reputation for manufacturing and marketing laboratory equipment with strong mechanical base required in universities, engineering colleges, polytechnics, vocational schools etc. LabTek has a selection of more than 500 mechanical engineering and 800 civil engineering equipments and test rigs. With customers spread across the globe, LabTek is regarded as premier supplier of reliable, high quality and competitively priced products. We provide Turnkey solution for establishing mechanical and civil engineering laboratory with state of the art technology and solution. Our R and D Engineers work in close contacts with clients to produce user friendly products and manuals providing a fulfilling teaching and learning experience. Students can complete their assignments in single laboratory session.LabTek operates a continual product improvement process through ISO procedures and customer feedback to ensure that our product stays ahead of the competition and meets customer needs. Our product specifications are reviewed in line with worldwide curriculum to comply varied syllabus requirements and hence regularly updated and new products developed. Company responds to customer needs quickly and considers after sales service equally important to establish a culture of customer confidence, LabTek has established long term relationships with its clients. To expedite your order or to get any particular service, please send us an e-mail or fax with product details and your contact address along with mobile /landline numbers. Our Service Engineers will respond to you quickly through e-mail/phone. We also provide installation, commissioning and training service for any customers who require assistance..