Krishna Engineering College, Ghaziabad is a centre of education where we nurture young talents in different fields of Engineering. Our major emphasis is on imparting technical training to encourage curiosity and innovativeness among our students and lay a foundation from where they can acquire quick learning ability and adaptability with the fast changing needs of the industry.

KEC took delight in the fact that our department has the strength of highly qualified and experienced faculty to guide the students in every domain of technical education making them familiar with all areas. KEC emphasizes team work and give opportunity to each student to benefit from the ideas and intelligence of their classmates. We continue to strive to meet our mission to mould youth into world-class technocrats of tomorrow who would endeavor to increase the quality of life for human kind.

Krishna Engineering College ensures that our students would be asset to the organization through their technical and managerial capabilities. We at, KEC aim to actively assist the students in attracting and identifying the individuals best suited to their needs and developing a successful recruitment relationship.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Professor & Head