Guest Lectures

  • An Expert talk by Mr. S.K. GUPTA, G.M (HR & ADMIN) BHUSHAN STEEL LTD on 20.04.18 on “Industry Institute Interface”

    Profile: Mr. S.K. Gupta holds a position of GM, HR, Bhushan Steel. He is having more than 27 years of experience in different industries.

    Topic: - Industry Institute Interface

    In this discussion Sir has involved various objectives and duties of an HR and admin .
    An HR general administrator’s main objective is to help the employer recruit, manage, develop, organize and motivate employees. This position is key in helping an employer meet the goal of higher productivity and employee engagement, according to a human resources career description by the career services center at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Each workday might involve a wide spectrum of tasks that include planning HR strategy, mentoring employees, implementing training programs, facilitating workplace communication or addressing management’s concerns.
    One of the most important objectives an HR administrator can focus on is developing employee skills in a way that lets them better contribute to the organization’s productivity and financial success.

  • An Expert talk by Dr. Munendra Kumar, Asso. Prof., DTU on 03.10.17 on “Concrete Technology and Applications”

    Profile: Dr. Munendra Kumar is an Asso. Prof. in Delhi Technological University with his area of research in hydraulics. He has published more than 20 papers in national and international papers.

    Topic: Concrete Technology and Applications

    In this discussion Dr. Munendra Kumar has elaborated about latest trends in concrete structures. He further elaborated about its applications various concrete structures. The lecture was very beneficial for all years of Civil engineering students.

  • An Expert lecture by Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava, Prof. DTU was organized on 12.04.17 on “Building Materials and green energy concept”

    Profile: Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava Prof. in Delhi Technological University with his area of research in Soil Mechanics. He has published more than 30 papers in national and international papers. He has been awarded in National and international universities due to his tremendous work.

    Topic:- Building Materials and green energy concept

    Dr. Srivastava has elaborated all the trends in building materials. He further elaborated use of eco friendly materials and its need in the present situation. He shared his vast knowledge and rich experience in his field of research.

  • An expert lecture by Mr. Surya Prakash Gupta, Consultant, Garg Real estate Projects was organized on 15.09.14. on Basics of Civil engineering

    Profile: Mr. Surya Prakash Gupta is a Consultant in Garg Real Estate Projects. He worked on various construction projects and successfully completed various building projects.

    Topic: - Basics of Civil engineering

    Shri Surya Prakash Gupta spoke about his university days and shared his working experience with students. He emphasized that

    “Engineering does not merely know and being knowledgeable; engineering is not merely analysis; engineering is not merely the possession of the capacity to get elegant solutions to non?existent engineering problems; engineering is practicing the art of the organized forcing of technological change.”

  • An expert lecture by Dr. Ravi Jakka, Asso. Prof., IIT Roorkee was organized on 02/04/15 on Effects of Earthquake on Soils and Structures.

    Profile: Dr. Ravi Jakka holding a position Asso. Prof. in IIT Roorkee. He is expertise in Soil Mechanics. He has published many papers in national and international papers. He supervised many projects on Earthquake its effect and soil properties.

    Topic :- Effects of Earthquake on Soils and Structures

    Dr. Ravi Jakka discussed about soil structure interaction and discussed about effects of earthquake and construction. He further explained about his rich experience in the field of earthquake.

  • An Expert lecture by Dr. A.M. Chandra, Professor and Head, Arba Minch University, Ethopia was organized on 15/09/16.

    Profile: Dr. A.M. Chandra holding a position Head of Department in Arba Minch University. He is expertise in Surveying. He is author of Surveying and Higher Surveying which are prescribed books in all universities in India.

    Topic :- Importance of Surveying in Civil Engineering

    The lecture was attended by students of B.Tech in Civil Engineering of all years starting from IInd year.

    The lecture covered in general the importance of engineering drawing and surveying for all engineering streams and of plane and geodetic surveying for civil engineering students in particular. Dr. Chandra also shared his experience of studying and teaching Surveying to undergraduate students at the then University of Roorkee, Roorkee which emphasized the importance that needs to be given to the subject of Surveying for Civil Engineering students.

  • An expert lecture by Mr. Anil Kapoor, Consultant Environmentalist SSRDP TRUST (Sri Sri Rural Development), Bangalore was organized on 27-09-16.

    Profile: Mr. Anil Kapoor is Consultant Environmentalist SSRDP TRUST (Sri Sri Rural Development). He is working in SSRDP Trust with a project on an eco-enzyme. He is very concerned about nature and specifically working to control pollution.

    Topic: - Environment and Effects of Enzymes on it.

    The lecture covered in general the reasons for generation of green waste and urgent need for protection of the environment. The speaker emphasized that each time we use cleaning products made with chemicals, we are already polluting the underground water, rivers and the surrounding eco-system. Conventional cleaning products usually contain harmful chemicals such as phosphate, nitrates, ammonia, chlorine etc. The accumulation effect of these chemicals released from every household causes significant damage to the planet earth.

    Mr. Kapoor stressed upon the need to use Eco-enzyme, a complex solution produced by fermentation of fresh kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable dregs), sugar (brown sugar, jaggery or molasses sugar) in water, as general cleaner, purifier, insect repellent, laundry cleaner, car care, organic fertiliser etc.

  • An Expert lecture by Dr. Gazala Habib, Asso. Prof, IIT Delhi was organized on 15-02-17.

    Topic:-  A Case study on Particulate Matter Pollution in Delhi

    Profile: Professor Gazala Habib is an expert in Air Pollution Monitoring, Characterization of Aerosol and their Impact on Health. Dr. Habib has joined IIT Delhi in 2008 as Assistant Professor. Now she is serving the institute as Associate Professor since August 2018. She is teaching courses both graduate and under graduate related to Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her research interests include Air Pollution, Aerosol Source Profile Development, Source Apportionment, and Health Issues. She has established an advanced Aerosol Research and Characterization Laboratory (ARC Lab).

    A case study is explained by Dr. Gazala Habib in which she elaborated about various parameters like:

    Vehicular pollution is an important contributor to air pollution in Delhi. According to the Department of Transport, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, vehicular population is estimated at more than 3.4 million, reaching here at a growth rate of 7% per annum. Although this segment contributes to two-thirds of the air pollution, there has been a palpable decline compared to the 1995-1996 levels.

  • An Expert lecture by Mr. Pramit Garg, Project Director, DMRC was organized on 03-03-17 on “Project Management and key points behind success of DMRC”

    Profile: Mr. Pramit Garg is project director in DMRC. He is having rich experience in project M,anagement. He has succefully all the projects in DMRC dsuccessfully before scheduled date of project.

    Topic: - Project Management and key points behind success of DMRC

    Mr. Pramit Garg explained about how DMRC projects got success and how all the projects are timely completed. He further elaborated role of time management in construction projects. He explained how DMRC put its efforts to get success in project.