Industrial Visits

  • Dabur Plant, Ghaziabad

    Dabur Plant, Ghaziabad

    Industrial Visit for 2nd and 3rd Year Civil Engineering students was arranged on 15th Feb and16th Feb 2018 to DABUR PLANT, GHAZIABAD.

    In this visit, students got to know about sewage treatment plant and the various methods used by DABUR to treat sewage water. Officials elaborated various fundamentals of STP and demonstrated various units of STP like Effluent treatment plant, sumps etc, so as to know about necessity of sewage treatment plants in civil Engineering domain .

  • Noida Metro Rail Corporation

    Industrial Visit for 4th Year Civil Engineering students was arranged on 15th Feb and 16th Feb 2018 to NOIDA METRO RAIL CORPORATION

    In this visit various fundamentals, drawings, casting yards and various functionalities of NOIDA METRO RAIL CORPORATION included the main fields. Students saw metro rail specifications, laying of girders, Erection of columns and the various quality parameters of NMRC, So that they have an allover idea of the Metro works .

    Noida Metro Rail Corporation

  • Up State Bridge Corporation, Vasundhra (Ghaziabad)

    Up State Bridge Corporation, Vasundhra (Ghaziabad

    Site visit for 3rd and 4th year Civil Engg students was conducted on 28th September 2018 and 4th October 2018 to UP STATE BRIDGE CORPORATION, VASUNDHRA(Ghaziabad) and STEEL GIRDER FABRICATION PLANT , NOIDA.

    The students got a chance to visit Bridge construction site and witnessed piling work, reinforcement detailing and binding work, abutments, Girders , Foundation of a columns, Drawing reading and proper execution of various site works. All these fields were briefed by Assistant Engineer on the site.

    Students also visited steel fabrication site and witnessed various methods related to steel fabrication.

  • Construction Industry Development Council

    Workshop for 3rd and 4th year Civil Engineering students conducted on 1st February 2019 at CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, FARIDABAD.

    The students here got a chance to meet with various industrial dignitaries and officials seeking to have an in-depth knowledge of current trends and concepts prevailing in the industries. On site knowledge was also been imparted by various engineers on tasks such as Bar binding schedules, quality testing of concrete.

    Construction Industry Development Council