Webinar organized in the dept. during 2021-22

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has organized an online guest lecture on “Emerging Trends in IOT and its Applications” on 13th Nov. 2021. The speaker was Dr. Vijaykumar Peroumal, Associate Professor, School of electronics Engineering, VIT Chennai. Dr. Vijay has covered all the important aspects of IOT like its architecture, protocols and applications that are being used in today’s world. The objective of the lecture is to strengthen the knowledge of students with industry-oriented technology.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has organized an online guest lecture delivered by Mr. Pulkit Singh (AIR-26, Civil Services Exam-2020) on “Strategy to crack GATE and Engineering Services Exam” on 13th Nov. 2021. The students got to know about the scope of higher studies as well as about the strategy to qualify the national level engineering exams.

  • Expert Lecture on “Leading the Emerging World through Innovation”

    Dr. Shashank Tyagi, Alumni of Krishna Engineering College Ghaziabad of 2014 batch given his expert talk on “Leading the Emerging World through Innovation” to ECE 3rd year students on 12 February 2020.
    The aim of this talk is to encourage and motivate students towards innovations and research. Dr. Shashank Tyagi is FOUNDER & CEO of SCIENTIST PAGE and also he is innovator, entrepreneur and research scientist at Japan.   
    He gave an idea regarding how to think innovative? How to convert our daily life problem into problem solving ideas? And also how to choose and select the research areas?
    He also discussed about the latest research topic for students such as Thermoelectricity, Nano electronics, Nano magnetism, Spintronics.


  • Expert Lecture on “Building Future Ethically: A Life Engineering Process”

    Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering have organized an Expert Lecture on “Building Future Ethically: A Life Engineering Process” on 5th February 2020. Mr. Sushil Aggarwal a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, the Promoter and Chairman of Avro India Limited motivated the students about the values of Life, donating body organs for noble cause, respecting parents, teachers and elders, setting of a Goal in life, Proper planning to achieve success in life etc. Through his interactive session Mr. Sushil Aggarwal encouraged and enlightened students to be focused, determinant to their goal, achieve success and serve the country. In this session students get marvelous motivation and tips with examples on how they can build their future ethically.

  • Prof. Sudhir Chandra, Professor in IIT Delhi discussed on “Microelectronics Fabrications Technologies and Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)” on 24th September, 2015. He briefed about evolution of Silicon Wafers, from tiny 12 mm diameter size to gigantic 12 inch diameter wafers which have revolutionized the IC manufacturing and how all aspects of today's civilization have benefitted from this revolution. He also talked about various technological steps involved in Integrated Circuit Fabrication and the importance of MEMS in the upcoming technologies in the field of engineering.

  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar Adhikari, CEO, Incise Infotech Pvt. Ltd. had delivered a lecture on the Semiconductor and the world of Opportunities on August 26th, 2016. He discussed Choice vs. Destiny, Semiconductor world, Latest Innovations Semiconductor, also the various Semiconductor Companies and today’s Hiring Trends.

  • Mr. Ashu Pachori from CTO Clarisight delivered a lecture on the topic “Latest Industrial Trends” on 27th Aug, 2018. He discussed the emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Touch Commerce which are becoming increasingly popular across every Industry from Banking to Healthcare, Technology is revolutionizing the way we do business and making high-tech approaches an integral part of our lives.