The department of Information Technology

The scope of Information Technology is endless. The students of Information Technology are highly demanded by the recruiters of the top companies. The department provides platform for the students to achieve their career goals.


The department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Science & Engineering established in the year 2004. KEC follows a long tradition of teaching excellence where the faculty members and students in the department work closely together in an open, collegial atmosphere. In order to enrich the students with lifelong learning and applying skills in various outcome-based projects, the department organises various global tech events like Hackathons, Quizzes, and coding competitions to imbibe coding spirits in young minds. With AKTU curriculum, the department gives equal emphasis on both theoretical and experimental hands-on learning in Information Technology; the department has tied up with various organizations and regularly organizes various activities like industry visits, technical talks, and real-time projects to hone the students’ technical skills and personality development. The department also supports the students in equipping them with industry-ready skills by conducting various workshops and training related to placements.


To foster the culture of creativity, innovation and excellence for knowledge generation and training of professionals with multidimensional, competitive and cutting edge IT skills imbibed with ethical values.


M1:To train and empower young graduates with technologically competent, cutting edge IT and sound communication skills.

M2:To collaborate with industry to strengthen the IT knowledge infrastructure, facilitate internship for students, and promote research, consultancy and innovation in contemporary sectors for knowledge creation and entrepreneurship development.

M3:To produce competent IT graduates imbibing values and ethics with sensitivity and responsibility towards society and commitment to lifelong learning.

M4:To strengthen and promote professionalism in the IT sector for addressing the real life issues in sustainable manner.

Facilities and Laboratories


The department provides wide range of computing resources for education and research. This includes more than 600 high-performance computers in the range of Linux, and Windows and a good number of laptop systems. In addition to general-purpose file server, the department maintains specialized servers for database clients, Linux based workstations, and Cloud storage. The college network communications include a fiber-optic backbone, offering 120 Mbps bandwidth to provide the internet. The department has wireless internet connectivity via a campus-wide 802.11b network to the laptops. There is a separate department library with more number of books, manuals, project reports and lecture CD Rom.

Students Achievements


Student Societies and Clubs

Research Papers and Publication

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