After completion of the programme, our graduates will have the ability to:

  • Apply the knowledge of Engineering Mathematics and applied science to solve real world problems related to computer engineering.
  • Understand professional, social and legal issues to analyze the impact of computing on individual, organization and the society.
  • Apply and integrate knowledge and understanding of other engineering disciplines to analyze and resolve computer science and engineering problems.
  • Analyze and demonstrate a problem by identifying, formulating and applying appropriate computing to obtain the solution for engineering problems.
  • Effectively used codes of practice to prepare technical reports and presentations according to industry standards.
  • Design and conduct practical application of engineering problems by combining theory and other relevant knowledge and skills.
  • Define a problem to identify the constraints that includes environmental, health and safety, and risk assessment issues.
  • Categorize and describe the performance of system components through the use of analytical and experimental techniques.
  • Face competitive examinations that offer postgraduate studies to achieve specialization or challenging and rewarding careers in computing.
  • Understand customer and user needs to provide innovative solutions by applying computing knowledge.
  • Communicate effectively through oral, written and graphic form.
  • Apply the knowledge of management techniques to achieve the Engineering objectives.