Workshop on 3-D printing and its Future

Department of Mechanical Engineering has organized one day workshop “3-D printing and its Future” on 25th January, 2020 for faculty Members of the Department. In this workshop the key highlights were about 3D printing technology importance in production today because it helps the rapid prototyping as well as the production industry to significantly reduce the cost and amount of time involved in production.3-D printing, alias additive manufacturing (AM) or direct digital manufacturing (DDM), makes it possible to create an object by creating a digital file and printing it at home or sending it to one of a growing number of online 3-D print services. In the 3-D printing process, this digital blueprint, created using computer-aided design (CAD) software, is sliced into 2-dimensional representations which are fed through to a printer that starts building up an object layer by layer from its base. Layers of material (in liquid, powder or filament form) are deposited onto a “build area” and fused together. This additive process, minimizes waste because it only uses the amount of material required to make the component (and its support), is distinct from traditional “subtractive” manufacturing processes where materials are cut away to produce a desired form.