Employee Involvement

Training Programs

"Training isn't just important to any organization, it's just vital". Training is the foremost activity in any organization which enhances the capabilities and hones the skills of employees to perform better.

Krishna Engineering College also unequivocally believes in providing Trainings & Conducting FDPs for its Faculty & Staff members to enhance their core competencies.

Training Sessions conducted in Campus for Faculty & Staff members:
  • 1. Training Program conducted on "Effective Counselling Skills" for faculty members that included topics like Basic Counselling Skills, Awareness of Ethical Issues, and Development of Sensitivity to the process of change so on and so forth.

  • 2. Training Program on "Soft Skills" conducted for Technical Staff that included topics like Team Building, Communication Styles, Self-Motivation, Stress Management, Interpersonal Skills, and Etiquette at work place (basic Do's & Don'ts).

  • 3. Training Program led on "Communication at Workplace for faculty members” that included topics like Understanding Communication, Barriers of Communication, Tips of Effective Communication Skills and Absolute No-No's in Workplace Communication.

  • 4. Training Program on Value Crisis: Understanding an Application in Education" facilitated by Dr. S.P. Mishra (Advisor).

  • 5. Training Program on "Behavioral Dimension & its Application to be an Effective Teacher & Education Leader" led by Dr. S.P. Mishra (Advisor) that included topics such as Behavioral Blocks, Evaluation of Risk Taking ability and so on.

Faculty Development Program FDP

Faculty Development Program (FDP) has proven to be highly fruitful for sharpening Teaching Skills in the context of higher education. FDPs are important for Faculty members for their increased accountability, for an augmented level of diversity of students and for the untapped opportunities and challenges of technology.

KEC had conducted FDP on "Personal & Professional Development" by Dr. Gajendra Singh (Resource Person – KIET). The session began by Dr. Gajendra Singh with the video on "Teacher Anthem", further he continued the session on "Life Strategies". And lastly, he interacted on topics such as like Teaching Learning Methodologies and Positive Thinking.