Examination Rules of KEC

Internal Exams
Procedure & Rules


Krishna Engineering College, Ghaziabad conducts three internal exams Cumulative Test-1(CT-1), Cumulative Test-2(CT-2) and Pre-University Test(PUT) for the assessment of the students. CT-1 & CT-2 are of 50 marks (duration two hours) and PUT are of 100 marks for IV year & 70 marks for II year & III year (duration three hours) on university pattern basis. Syllabus of CT1 is first two units, for CT2 next two units and for PUT five units (full Syllabus). The weightage of CT-1, CT-2 & PUT are 30%, 30%, & 40% respectively in sessional marks.

Rules & Regulation-

  • 1. No person is allowed in an examination room during an examination except the candidates concerned and those supervising the examination.

  • 2. Students will debarred/detained for appearing in CTs on the basis of attendance as per following criteria:

    a. CT-1 students whose average attendance is below 70%

    b. CT-II students whose average attendance is below 75%

    c. PUT students whose average attendance is below 75%

  • 3. Candidates must appear at the examination room at least ten minutes before the commencement of the examination.

  • 4. Students are not allowed in the examination without ID card.

  • 5. Late entries of the students are allowed only till15 minutes after the commencement of the examination.

  • 6. Mobile phones & other electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the exam hall.

  • 7. Bags and other items brought to the exam room must be placed in designated areas of the room. No headwear is allowed during the exam.

  • 8. Cheating, and attempts at cheating, will immediately be reported to the Examination Office. Consequences of proven cheating or attempts at cheating will be dealt with separately by legal authorities.