HR Department

Gone are the days when Human Resource department exclusively focused on gathering employment applications and interviewing candidates. In today's scenario, HR Department is the backbone of any successful organization. From screening to recruiting top-notch personnel, to implementing incentive programs for perseverant staff, to diagnosing and treating organizational problems, today’s HR department relies on Innovation and Creativity to keep the company on the cutting edge of competition.Human Resource department is committed to contribute profusely in the faculty and staff members’ success through every stage of their employment at KEC. We place a high priority on creating an environment where the employees can put their best foot forward.

We welcome you to visit our webpage and like to take the opportunity to introduce KEC to you. Termed as one of the best Engineering Colleges in Delhi NCR, KEC has an uber-vibrant campus with highly inspired students, exceptional academic programs, excellence in teaching & leadership and dedicated Faculty & Staff members.

We also would like to share what sets us apart from other institutes and what it's like to work with us. KEC is committed to be one among top Engineering Colleges in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. We would not have achieved this without our Faculty & Staff members’ unwavering dedication towards their work. Our culture consists of relentless change and desire to improve perennially. We are forever in the quest of looking for better ways to do things, not much out of competitiveness, but out of a desire to simply be THE BEST!

KEC truly values its people, wants them to love their jobs, and to build their career with us .The HR department of KEC was established to ensure that HR planning is meticulously implemented in the process of achieving its objectives. At KEC, employees’ passion and dedication could easily be traced in their work. It is a place where people contribute to their best as a team, aspire to present their finest work and seek opportunity for advancement and professional growth. They are not merely seen as an employee of the Institute but are developed as LEADERS.

HR department strives for Skill and Knowledge enhancement of our Faculty & Staff members. This is done by fostering a learning environment and conducting various efficacious Training Programs to help them excel in their current and future roles at KEC. These development programs include FDPs, Seminars, Conferences, Research/Summer Schools conducted by reputed Institutes like IITs, NITs followed by Internal Behavioral and Technical Training programs. This gets cascaded to the students which convert the entire campus into VIVACIOUS KEC CAMPUS. Krishna Engineering College is shaping young minds with Skill Oriented and Value Based education and leaving no stone unturned in building future leaders of India.

HR Vision

To create, build and nourish the Team KEC and develop them to be recognized as trusted resource, partners, leaders and innovators at par.

HR Mission

To provide an outstanding workplace to help our Faculty & Staff perform better, KEC embraces best in class innovative HR Practices. The core objective is to support the growth of Intellectual Capital with Competent, Versatile, Dynamic and Research oriented Team.

Team HR Ms. Priyanka Goel

Qualification – MBA (HR & Finance)

Total Exp. – 6 years

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