Industrial Visits

As innovation transitions from academia to industry, the industrial visit provides students with a practical perspective of the work place. KEC- Industrial visits help to combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge.

  • Worlds of Wonder, Noida

    Worlds of Wonder, Noida

    KEC-students are more willing to participate in industrial visits. Having fun while learning also helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable. Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a visit to Worlds of Wonder, Entertainment City, Noida inOctober, 2017. The maintenance Engineer explained various functional and maintenance aspects of the aforementioned ride. The students appreciated the opportunity to understand the engineering aspect of the fun rides from closer quarters. After an introduction to the engineering aspect, the students were provided with the opportunity to enjoy different fun rides.

  • Yakult DANONE

    One-day Industrial Visit for the 5th Semester students of Mechanical engineering organized at Yakult Sonepat. Yakult’s first state-of-the-art pro biotic factory in India is located at Rai, Sonepat, Haryana.

    Yakult DANONE



    The One-day Industrial Visit for the 5th Semester students of the department of Mechanical Engineering, KEC Ghaziabad commenced on 6th October 2017. The coca cola moon beverages company is popularl for its soft drinks products. The students of KEC have visualized the process of the blow molding process for bottle design on Programming language and purification of old bottles.

  • Continental carbon India L.T.D

    Students of Mechanical Third year visited Continental carbon India L.T.D in April 2018.On tour they acquired practical knowledge of the mechanical field including the latest technologies, power generation (steam power plant). Continental Carbon India Limited (CCIL) was formed in October 2000 upon the acquisition by Continental Carbon Company (CCC), the USA of the carbon black assets of Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd. Since then the carbon black manufacturing facility in Ghaziabad, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, has been substantially refurbished.

    Continental carbon India L.T.D

  • DMW (Deshwar Motor Works), Om Balajee Automobile India Pvt. Ltd

    DMW (Deshwar Motor Works)

    An Industrial visit was organized at Om Balajee Automobile (I) Pvt. Ltd which shows the vision of the group to make productive use of modern day technology, keeping the innovation factors intact. Their E- Rickshaws are available with the model name “DMW” (Deshwar Motor Works) which are meant to carry passengers and loads. All these E rickshaws run on chargeable battery and required no manual effort, which outflows the use of costly fuels.

  • Shakti auto, Manufacturing Company

    The students of Mechanical engineering visited Shakti auto, Manufacturing Company in April 2018. Established in 2008, the Shakti auto, Manufacturing Company is a multi-faceted enterprise with operations across India. It provides a broad spectrum of products and services to a wide range of industry verticals, including production, assembling and inspection. It is dedicated to offercomplete range of solutions and services for Auto industry. It includes welding system, assembling of products, polishing, painting etc.

    Shakti auto, Manufacturing Company

  • Chaudhary hammer works forge

    Chaudhary hammer works forge

    Chaudhary hammer is also one of our recruiters of KEC. Mechanical third year students visited Chaudhary hammer works forge in April 2018.CHW Forge, formerly known as Chaudhary Hammer Works. Established in 1956, it is South Asia’s finest forging company known for its renowned quality and on time delivery. Their specialized skills and vast experience makes them the pioneer of forging manufacturing. Their excellent products serve as a benchmark for other manufacturers.

  • Uttam Industrial Engineering Ltd

    An Industrial visit was organized at Uttam Industrial Engg. Ltd in October 2018. Uttam Industrial Engineering Limited is a manufacturer of sugar stream machinery, sugar refinery & distillery machinery & stream generators since 1969 in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The Uttam Group of Companies, today, is a multi-faceted, multi-location conglomerate with operations across the globe.

    It was an informative, interesting and a successful visit. This visit was important for students to acquire practical knowledge of the latest technology of production, manufacturing and machining.

    Uttam Industrial Engineering Ltd

  • KEC- Industrial visits

    KEC- Industrial visits

    As innovation transitions from academia to industry, the industrial visit provides students with a practical perspective of the work place. KEC- Industrial visits help to combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge.

    Department of mechanical engineering organized One-day Industrial Visit at M. B. Rubber PVT.LTD on 08 Feb 2019.The students visualized the process of vulcanization and the manufacturing process of shoes. The experts in the industries taught students about how to get desired strength in shoes.

  • Centre for e-Governance

    A visit to Centre for e-Governance, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) Electronics Niketan, New Delhi was organized for the second and third year students. In the first presentation students were introduced with e-Governance definition, evolution, policies and most importantly services. After that students came to know about CSC (common services center) infrastructure, Mobile Service Delivery Gateway, e-Pramaan and National Policy on Information Technology. Various e-Projects implemented by central Government were showcased like Banking, Central Excise & Customs, Income Tax (IT), Insurance, Passport, Pension etc.

    Centre for e-Governance

  • BSNL ALT CENTER (Advanced Level Telecom Training Centre (ALTTC)

    BSNL ALT CENTER (Advanced Level Telecom Training C

    BSNL ALT CENTER (Advanced Level Telecom Training Centre (ALTTC) was visited by second and third year students. Installation of substation for an industry. The main objective of the visit to ALT Centre, Ghaziabad was to understand the main equipment required and the working of every equipment, Installation of firefighting system in a building, main requirement, Working of Elevators, main components of elevator and installation, Installation of centralized Air-condition system for a building.

  • Vidyut Yantra Udyog, Modinagar

    Vidyut Yantra Udyog, Modinagar industrial visit occurred on 20th September, 2016 for the third year EC students. They learned about the Microwave measurement devices, high quality RF and Microwave Instruments and Components, how these devices are prepared, produced and tested.

    Vidyut Yantra Udyog, Modinagar

  • NMTRONICS India(P)Ltd.

    NMTRONICS India(P)Ltd.

    NMTRONICS India(P)Ltd. visit held on 1st March, 2017 for fourth year students. This helped them to see their future place in the working world of SMT technology. Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for making electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This also serves as a relation building process between college & company.

  • Deki Electronics Pvt Ltd.

    Deki Electronics Pvt Ltd. visit was organized on 23 march 2018 for the students of third year . This industry is in production of complete range of film capacitors like plastic film capacitors, motor run capacitor, fan motor capacitor, mylar capacitor, pulse & power capacitors with a choice of technologies. The students have visited the whole production unit, how a capacitor is made fron scrape to final component.

    Deki Electronics Pvt Ltd.

  • Automation Engineers A. B. Pvt. Ltd.

    Automation Engineers A. B. Pvt. Ltd.

    The fourth year students visited Automation Engineers A. B. Pvt. Ltd. on 16th March 2018. The students got the knowledge about the application of PLC, DCS, Electrical Drives, MCC, PCC and Instrumentation. This industry served primarily Paper Mill, Steel Rolling Mill, Cement Plant, Water Management, Captive Power Plant, Process Plant, Manufacturing Industry to name a few besides a diverse spectrum.

  • Sofcon Pvt. Ltd

    The third year students visited Sofcon Pvt. Ltd on 15th March 2018. They learned about the Switch boards and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and controller kits.

    Sofcon Pvt. Ltd

  • Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College

    Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College

    The second and third year students of ECE Department visited industrial automation and Robotics workshop labs at Ajay Kumar Garg EngineeringCollege; Ghaziabad on 1st Feb’2019. The aim of this visit was to get the students gain more of the practical knowledge about PLC Scada and Robotics. SCADA is Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition package which helps to monitor & control Automation process or work from remote location. It's generally used in process Industries or Manufacturing industrial where plant or machine are complex to control and monitor.


    An Industrial visit was organized for the students of EC second year on 25 Jan’2019 at KKEN WORLD PROJECTS PVT. LTD AND GANGAJAL PARIYOJANA industry in Ghaziabad. KKENWORLD started two units KKENWORLD MARKETING & SERVICING which is leading manufacturer, supplier and service provider of all brands domestic RO Water Purifier and another is KKENWORLD PROJECT PRIVATE LIMITED that deals in all types of industrial and commercial plants. The industrial visit is considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods. It gives exposure to students to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at college.


  • Industrial visit to CEBS

    Industrial visit to CEBS

    Industrial visit to CEBS, sector 63, Noida on 17 Nov, 2018.

    It explained the key technology paradigms such as Omni-Channel E-Commerce solutions, Distributed Order Management solutions, Supplier Integration and Management solution, Multi-Channel Campaign Management, Customer Awareness/Analytics, Digital Analytics, Customer Journey Analysis, Social Analytics, Supply Chain Optimization, Supply Chain Finance, E-Market Place, Brand Experience, Customer Experience Management and much more.

  • Digital India

    Centre of e-governance, Ministry of Electronic & Information Technology organized by CSE/IT on 31 July 2018. Dr. A.K. Garg took a session on the topic of “Digital India”.

    The speaker discussed about various projects that already developed & successfully working, project that are in developing phase & also the projects that ministry is planning to develop in future. He also discussed advantages of various projects like File Management System, E-nam, E-office, digilocker etc. & the students were shown the running setups of these projects as well.

    Digital India

  • Dabur Plant, Ghaziabad

    Dabur Plant, Ghaziabad

    Industrial Visit for 2nd and 3rd Year Civil Engineering students was arranged on 15th Feb and16th Feb 2018 to DABUR PLANT, GHAZIABAD.

    In this visit, students got to know about sewage treatment plant and the various methods used by DABUR to treat sewage water. Officials elaborated various fundamentals of STP and demonstrated various units of STP like Effluent treatment plant, sumps etc, so as to know about necessity of sewage treatment plants in civil Engineering domain .

  • Noida Metro Rail Corporation

    Industrial Visit for 4th Year Civil Engineering students was arranged on 15th Feb and 16th Feb 2018 to NOIDA METRO RAIL CORPORATION

    In this visit various fundamentals, drawings, casting yards and various functionalities of NOIDA METRO RAIL CORPORATION included the main fields. Students saw metro rail specifications, laying of girders, Erection of columns and the various quality parameters of NMRC, So that they have an allover idea of the Metro works .

    Noida Metro Rail Corporation

  • Up State Bridge Corporation, Vasundhra (Ghaziabad)

    Up State Bridge Corporation, Vasundhra (Ghaziabad

    Site visit for 3rd and 4th year Civil Engg students was conducted on 28th September 2018 and 4th October 2018 to UP STATE BRIDGE CORPORATION, VASUNDHRA(Ghaziabad) and STEEL GIRDER FABRICATION PLANT , NOIDA.

    The students got a chance to visit Bridge construction site and witnessed piling work, reinforcement detailing and binding work, abutments, Girders , Foundation of a columns, Drawing reading and proper execution of various site works. All these fields were briefed by Assistant Engineer on the site.

    Students also visited steel fabrication site and witnessed various methods related to steel fabrication.

  • Industrial visit to Centre of e-governance

    Industrial visits aim to enhance and instill practical experience in the students where they experience the practical workings of the industry.

    Industrial visits organized in the current Academic Year:

    Industrial visit to Centre of e-governance, Ministry of Electronic & Information Technology organized by CSE/IT on 06 Feb 2019.

    Dr. A.K. Garg took a session on the topic of “Digital India”. In that session he introduced various projects that already developed & successfully working and projects that are in developing He also discussed advantages of various project like File Management System, e-nam, e-office, digilocker etc.

    Centre of e-governance

  • Construction Industry Development Council

    Construction Industry Development Council

    Workshop for 3rd and 4th year Civil Engineering students conducted on 1st February 2019 at CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, FARIDABAD.

    The students here got a chance to meet with various industrial dignitaries and officials seeking to have an in-depth knowledge of current trends and concepts prevailing in the industries. On site knowledge was also been imparted by various engineers on tasks such as Bar binding schedules, quality testing of concrete.