KEC Finishing School

Finishing school

is a long-term intensive programme which is being run in addition to the university curriculum and is integrated in all the semesters of the Fourth year of B.Tech. Programme. The Institute resolutely believes that its bright students chart their own career graph and T&P Department is just a facilitator acting as a bridge between top-notch companies and students. This programme serves the right platform to all the students who required much needed motivation and confidence through various modules that have been designed keeping in mind the students’ educational background, region, medium of study and competency skills.

All the efforts are being made to ensure a thoughtful and systematic preparation of Employability Skills is initiated and sustained. To make students 'Industry Ready' and to expand the 'Repertoire of Skills', extensive training classes are conducted right from the 1st year to the 4th year in each semester by highly qualified, dedicated and exclusive Training Team, besides from the experts hail from the renowned Industry and Corporate World. Regular full-fledged sessions on Aptitude Tests, Psychometric Tests, Group Discussions, JAM, Resume Writing, Technical Tests, Interview skills, Grooming, Body Language and so on are conducted to make our learners the scholars of tomorrow. Also, to enable them to move hand-in-hand with the pace of industry, MOUs have been signed in several areas with the major players in different domains.


To groom our young leaders in their le métier or profession, savoir faire or the ability to act or speak appropriately and savoir-vivre or social etiquette by teaching them business etiquettes, social graces, leadership skills and cultural values so they are ready to take the next big step of their lives, is definitely not a piece of cake. The rigorously designed programs have a universal appeal and it will touch upon a variety of topics and groom the learners with knowledge, efficiency and better communication to enable them to achieve the unimaginable in both their personal and professional life.

Are you game to explore what’s in the store for you? Come and Visit KEC Finishing School to unveil the true You!

Training Module
Emphasizes on

  • 01 Self
  • 02 Effective
  • 03 Problem
  • 04 Lateral
  • 05 Group
  • 06 Technical And
    Domain Expertise

Career Guidance and Training Flow

  • Placement Awareness session
  • Pre- training Assessment Self Assessment Diagnostic Test
  • Training Sessions
  • Aptitude Quantitative Verbal Logical Reasoning
  • Final Assessment Aptitude Group Discussion Interviews
  • Monthly Assessments
  • Professional Skills Gd & Pl Mock Practices Leadership Skills Team Building Exercise
5 P's of Personality

Step 1

Projecting Positive
social image

Working on Positive Attitude

Importance of Social Image

Looking Great and Attractive

Step 2

Professional Etiquettes

International & Social Etiquettes

Social Grace & Table Manners

E-mail & Telephone Etiquette

Fine Dining & High Tea Etiquette

Step 3

Persuasive COmmunication Skills

Mastering the Art of Conversation

Effective Communication

Public Speaking

Voice Modulation

Step 4

Personal Effectiveness

Personal Efficacy

Persuasive Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Smart Work Life Balance

Step 5

Personality Enrichment

Keeping A positive tone

Persuasive Thinking

Building Self Confidence