Krishna Engineering College

Approved by AICTE, A Premium Institute of AKTU (College Code - 161)


Due to a variety of factors, today’s business environment is becoming more complex, uncertain and competitive. All types of organizations consider human resources as their key asset, which plays a critical role in organizational performance and success. Most employers are likely to hire, retain and promote persons who are dependable, resourceful, ethical, having effective communication, self directed, willing to work and learn, and having positive attitude. Soft skills fulfill an important role in shaping an individual’s personality by complementing his/her hard skills.

Knowing this fact, we are shaping our students not only to crack the first interview & get a job, but also providing them life skills so they can grow well as a professional.

To cater to this need of the industry & bridge Industry academia gap, KEC has introduced an Intense & well structured training Program for our students.
In order to produce Smart professions, we are providing Soft skills training in 3rd & 4th semester as a part of their curriculum on various topics like Communication, Attitude, Personal Grooming & Dressing, Resume Writing, Teamwork, Leadership, Time Management,  stress management & Time management.

In 5th and 6th semester, KEC has a comprehensive program designed to train students for all stages of Campus recruitments. This program has different modules for written test or aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews and is updated on regular basis to keep pace with the changes in the recruitment procedures adopted by various companies at campuses. Our team of experts has studied the recruitment process of companies like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro etc. to design a curriculum which will help the students to be better prepared for their placement process. 

All the areas normally covered in the aptitude tests of most companies’ i.e. quantitative ability, verbal, Reasoning and basic computer skills are covered in detail in the training module offered at KEC. Students get practice exercises and test papers for each test area followed by comprehensive tests on the pattern of the tests conducted by major companies.

To prepare the students for the next stages i.e. group discussions and interviews, classes are conducted on communication skills, GD and interview basics, mock GDs and mock interviews (HR and Technical interviews).


  • To make the students of Krishna Engineering College placement ready.
  • Finishing School is also responsible in consultation with TPO, Director and HOD’s for conducting synergistic industrial visits
  • Finishing School will also conduct an overall internal assessment after completion of all the modules

Training is conducted in four phases.
Phase 1:  3rd & 4th Semester

  •      50-60 hours of regular classes covering various topics of Soft Skills like Self Awareness, Self Confidence- Believe In Yourself, Get Success in life with Positive Attitude, Formal Dressing, Grooming & Personal Hygiene, Mastering Team Building &  Leadership skills  , Peer Pressure-Stress Management, Art of communicating Effectively-Importance Of Global Language(English), Mastering Public speaking-Jam/Extempore Session, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Resume  & Cover Letter Writing, Becoming Industry Ready, Interpersonal Communication etc.

Phase 2: In-between 5th & 6th Semester

  • 80-90 hours of rigorous classes covering various topics asked in Aptitude Tests.
  • Concept classes are followed with the worksheets and an online test on the daily basis

Phase 3: In between 6th & 7th Semester

  • 80-90 training hours
  • classes on Revision of Aptitude & Logical Reasoning
  • Group discussion basics, mock group discussions, speaking skills, listening and writing skills
  • Two individual mock interviews (one HR and one Technical)
  • Experts who have experience in the recruitment process conduct these mock interviews
  • Guidance about the selection process of various companies to ensure focussed preparation
  • Additional study material including profiles of major companies, IT and ITES industry updates, GD topics and interview questions for practice is provided to the students

Phase 3:        80-90 training hours              

  • classes on technical interview topics i.e. covering computer fundamentals, operating systems, networking, C language, C++, test papers in C and computers.

Phase 4: 7th Semester

  • 25-30 training hours
  • concept classes for the revision of important topics of the core engineering subjects which are important for written exam and technical interviews

Phase 1-Soft Skills training
3rd Semester Course outcomes

  • Bringing Participants to the Comfort zone , Awareness about need of Soft Skills in Engineering, Removing stage fear & nervousness .
  • To Understand the significance of Self Confidence ,To Remove Hesitation & Gain Confidence, To Understand the significance of Attitude  ,Knowing how to achieve a positive outlook, Understanding why Attitude is the most critical factor to get success
  • How to Create the Best First Impression by Grooming, Hygiene & Dressing according to occasion
  • To create effective leader & team building skills to get an edge in career
  • to make students aware that One needs to have excellent communication to crack job interview & get success in life as it is the need of the hour
  • How to create & deliver an effective presentation using different aids, How to win professionally & in personal life using time management skills

4th Semester Course outcomes

  • To orient students towards the real world scenario of hiring, To orient students towards latest hiring
  • to create first best impression on employer by writing effective resume & cover letter
  • To make students aware about complete recruitment  Process, How to mater Interview skill
  • to make students aware that One needs to have excellent communication to crack job interview & get success in life as it is the need of the hour,
  • To gain an understanding of stress management
  • To Gain Understanding Of One's own personality Type ,To Understand How Personality Type Influences the level of Stress, How to master interpersonal communication

Phase 2: Aptitude & Logical Reasoning
Course Outcome

  1. To gain understanding of Aptitude topics like time & work, Averages, Pipes & Cisterns, Percentages.
  2. To be able to solve questions on Profit & Loss Theory, Simple & Compound Interest, Time & Distance, Mixtures & Allegations.
  3. To be able to solve questions related to Surds & Indices, Probability Theory, Directions, Blood Relations, Clock & Calendar, Number Series, Cubes, Arrangement & Ranking
  4. To be able to solve questions of Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency
  5. To be able to solve questions on Logical Reasoning.

Phase- 3: Revision of Aptitude & Logical Reasoning

  1. To be able to revise the aptitude topics completed in Phase 2.
  2. To revise Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning topics.
  3. To get hands on practice on Group Discussion Skills.
  4. To gain an understanding of interview skills

C Language Course Outcomes

  • Understand the basic terminology used in computer programming
  • Write, compile and debug programs in C language.
  • Evaluate the responsibility of constants, variables, identifiers, operators, type conversion and other building blocks of C Language.
  • Design programs involving decision structures, loops and functions using various data types.
  • Understand the role of Functions involving the idea of modularity.
  • Understand the dynamics and concept of Array and pointers dealing with memory 
  • Analyze the concept of Structures and unions through which derived data types can be formed.

Phase- 4: Concept Clearing Class

  1. To become ready to handle technical questions of the branch
  2. To be able to understand the key concepts of the branch.
  3. To be able to handle technical questions in the placement drives.

Syntel Online Mock Test Program
About the Program:
This program is designed to test & enhance the aptitude ability (includes analytical, quantitative and verbal ability) of students. This training programmes helps your students assess themselves in different areas where the aptitude skills are tested.
Outcome of the Program:

  • Students get boosted with reasoning ability, critical thinking ability and communication skills.
  • Get enhance the problem solving skills.
  • Sensitize the students to the domain of creative thinking and motivate them to read, learn and practice the same.?>
  • Students become well versed in   analytical, quantitative and verbal ability
  • Student’s capability/ability get enhanced to crack any job interview and achieve his/her career goals.

Capsule training:
In 7th and 8th semester, workshops are organized prior to the campus recruitment for the focused preparation for the concerned company.