Krishna Engineering College

Approved by AICTE, A Premium Institute of AKTU (College Code - 161)

Women Empowerment Cell is a initiative of director , Dr Goutam Chatterji. It was formed in September 2014 with the mission to empower all girl students and women employees of KEC. Its aim is to provide a healthy environment to all of them , so that they may work here with courage, dignity, confidence and pride. Cell have designed various programmes to improve the social and economic awareness of females and to infuse the strength of womanhood in them. We aim to enlighten the women students about their legal rights and to strive towards the empowerment of the women through the promotion of gender amity and programmes concerning women welfare. For any Compliants Email Us at :

Action Plan

  1. Appointment of Co-ordinator (Faculty as well as Student).
  2. A mail id to be generated for complaints regarding eveteasing , problems arising in campus and hostels.
  3. Preparation of banners for display of emergency contact numbers.
  4. Provision of facility of ‘Girls Sick room’ and first aid.
  5. Sessions planned for grooming and training of faculties and students.
  6. Educating sweepers via students.
  7. NGO visit planned in next semester.
  8. Training by a banking professional on various topics related to money transactions and schemes.
  9. Training will be carried out to develop martial arts skills in students and faculties.
  10. A workshop is planned which will be conducted by Lady Police Officers , giving awareness about social issues and women safety.

Planned Activities


  1. Poster Making Competition
  2. Extempore
  3. Painting & Rangoli Competition (Faculty)
  4. Boy vs Girls Debate (Faculty)
  5. Skit (Social issues)


  1. Workshop on Soft Skill
  2. Training on Martial Arts for self defense
  3. Workshop on employability
  4. Workshop on “ Awareness about mental, sexual harassment and grooming of the same


  1. Training provided by banking professionals.
  2. Presentation by WEC.


  1. Stress management. (Off – Session)
  2. Fun Activity Day for female faculties.
  3. NSS activities by students and faculty members ( All can participate).

Gender Equality-
The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles. We can promote this by adopting various ways like motivating girl students for leadership , technical knowledge, sports , participation in social reforms and cultural activities of the college.

Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Nondiscriminiation -
We aim to ensure with the help of management , that work policies and practices are free from gender based discrimination. Girls have equal rights in decision making of any kind in college, may be in the form of class coordinator or on the issue of fests and activities at college level.

Health, Safety and Freedom from Sexual harassment-
We want to establish a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of violence at work, including verbal/physical abuse and prevent sexual harassment. Strict policy has been formed against sexual harassment cases. We aim to provide basic health related support system in college and wish to conduct workshop to make women aware of safety at work place and outside. Self-defense workshop will be conducted and will be very beneficial for all women folk. • Education and Training- Various workshops and training sessions will be kept to educate females about their legal rights, knowledge of banking and retail sector, traffic rules and regulations for road safety, information of various helpline numbers provided by government, operation of fire equipments in case of emergency, development of soft skills, workshop on self-defense, informative session by gynecologist etc.

Activity Calendar(Odd Sem 2014)

Date Event Venue Co-ordinators/ Participants

1 November 2014/ Saturday

Training provided by banking professional from UCO Bank.( Mrs. Anuja Pandey, Manager ,UCO Bank, Meerut Branch)


Ms. Pratishtha , Mrs Nidhi Saurav

14 November 2014

Training given on Martial Arts by a senior Taekwondo Instructor.


Ms. Nidhi Saurav, Ms. Pratishtha

5 December 2014

Hostel Meet with committee members and students

Girls Hostel

All Committee members

  1. To ensure the rights of women is protected in the institute and they work or study here with equal status and rights.
  2. To motivate girl students to undertake activities that strengthen their confidence and make them believe in themselves.
  3. To train female faculty, staff and students about general economic and social issues.
  4. To make people explore themselves by indulging in new activities.
  5. To conduct workshops with motive to train girls about self-defense, health benefits and skill development.
  6. To empower females to face difficult times at home and at workplace.
  7. To conduct NSS activities related to women , for their upliftment and growth.
  8. To bridge the gap between students and teachers by relating them personally and suggesting them for some good cause.
  9. To specially strengthen female sweepers and lower cadre workers of KEC by educating them in a best possible way , with the motive of making their lives better.
  10. To ensure that appropriate action is taken against sexual offenders.
  11. To ensure that victims and witnesses are not victimized or discriminated because of their complaint.
  12. To take proactive measures towards sensitization of the KEC community on gender issues so that KEC is an excellent work place for all.

Activity Calendar(Even Sem 2015)

Date Event Venue Co-ordinators/ Participants

7 Feb&Mar , 21Feb&March, 4April,18April ,2015/ Saturday

NSS Activity (Literacy Programme)


All students and faculty members .

13 Feb, 2015/Friday

Soft Skill Workshop


Event Coordinators/Students

6 March , 2015/ Friday

Rangoli/ Painting Competition


Event Coordinators/Students

Scheduled in March 2015

Training given by Lady Cop


Event Coordinators

Scheduled in March 2015

Training given by Fire Safety Department


Event Coordinators

Mrs. Nidhi Saurav (CS) Chairperson
Mrs. Pratishtha (EC) Vice Chairperson
Ms. Vaishnavi (Civil) Treasurer
Ms. Parul Taneja (Library) Joint Treasurer
Ms. Santosh (PA to Director) Event Coordinator
Ms. Sakshi Gupta (EC) Event Coordinator
Mrs. Nikita (CS) Event Coordinator
Ms. Srishti Sondele (EC) Student Coordinator
Mrs. Shikha Saxena (CS) Student Coordinator
Mrs. Manisha Arora (ME) Student Coordinator

Facilitator : HR(Ms. Tanya)

Session by Mrs. Richa Pandey (Advocate-Supreme Court) and Organised by Women Empowerment Cell on 3rd October 2016.