Placement News

Placement Activities

  • Campus Placement

    It refers to the process where reputed companies look forward to fill their vacant positions by employing students from the campus. On the basis of students’ discipline, their interests and market research, the potential employers are shortlisted, contacted and invited to the campus in accordance with the framed policies and guidelines.

  • Expert Lectures

    Training & Placement cell frequently organizes Guests Lectures as it's a great way of enriching our students with the latest updates of the Industries and Technicalities. The purpose of such sessions is to enhance the current industry knowledge our students carry. Such lectures also help in making the students and the faculty acquaint with the industry practices and their relation with the textbooks.

  • Industrial Visit – Study Tour

    Industrial visit is an integral part of the course curriculum as it provides practical exposure to the students. Various visits are being organized by KEC make the students familiarize with the large-scale practical applications of theoretical aspects.

  • Career Orientation Program

    KEC runs various programs to orient students about industry expectations and the prevalent cut throat competition. Numerous seminars are undertaken by the students in each semester to improve learning in the areas like Personality Development, Group Discussion and Presentation Skills. Moreover, opportunities to enhance the Technical and Communication skills are also provided.

  • Communication Café

    Communication Café at KEC is in innovative initiative for our students. The café holds a plethora of pioneering activities through which students learn the various component of Soft Skills that includes positive attitude, effective communication, creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, decision making, positivity, time management, motivation, flexibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.

Placement Policies

  • 1. To assist maximum number of students to get on-campus placement.

  • 2. To uphold the legacy of maintaining quality standards of the jobs offered.

  • 3. To ensure that the whole team works in accordance to the pre-defined processes to achieve pre-defined objectives.

  • 4. T&P Cell will aspire to bring together the engineering students and the potential employing organizations and facilitate interactions between the two.

  • 5. All the placements to be routed through the T&P Cell.

  • 1. State-of-the-art Auditorium with an enormous seating capacity for conducting pre-placement interaction and other analytical tests.

  • 2. Conference rooms for Group Discussions and Interviews.

  • 3. 300(+) computers on LAN for computer-based

  • 4. Training and Placement staff support for test & evaluation.

  • 5. Student volunteers/Placement coordinators for assistance during the placement visit.

  • 6. Stay arrangements at the college-owned guest house for Recruiters.

  • 1. Training and Placement wing constantly networks with top notch companies to facilitate a seamless Campus Placement Process.

  • 2. Students are helped during the entire Interview/Placement Procedure.

  • 3. Group Discussions and Interview sessions to be conducted to prepare the students for actual Interview.

Can send us an email or contact post following the information given in the "Placement Cell" tab. The office will respond promptly & courteously.

  • i. To sharpen the managerial and creative talents inherent in our students.

  • ii. To unleash their true potential by inculcating professional values and modern attitude.

  • iii. To develop their analytical skills to enable them to make strategic decisions in an ever-increasing complex and dynamic world.

  • iv. To develop their thought process, increase the speed to take strategically right decisions, enhance the spirit of responsibility with an augmented amount of integrity blooming in open mind.

  • v. To develop the best learning process using comprehensive understanding of industries’ best practices.

  • vi. To establish a long-term relationships with the companies.

  • i. To maintaining regular interaction with the industry through Seminars, Guest Lectures, Conferences, and Corporate meet etc.

  • ii. To Plan and Organize On-Campus and Off-Campus Recruitment drives.

  • iii. To provide assistance to the students for completing their Summer Training Projects.

  • iv. To providing requisite training sessions to students in the area of Aptitude, Communication Skills, Soft Skills and GDPI

  • v. To develop Database of students and share their profiles with various industries.