Vision, Mission & Quality Policy

Place Where Inspiration Begins


To impart market driven technical knowledge of global standards to address the challenges of academia, industry & society thereby produce ethically sound scholars to be solution makers of tomorrow.


M1: To provide conceptual, basic & market driven knowledge of core Engineering with practical exposure to meet the future requirements of the industry.
M2: To extend academic and social environment for achieving excellence in Innovation driven knowledge to create man power for developed society.
M3: To present a platform for Industry-Institute interaction through projects relevant to industry and society for entrepreneurship development.
M4:To provide a eco-system for accumulation of knowledge in the form of high quality research and patent publication.
M5:To integrate the teaching-learning process with human values and professional ethics.

Objectives of the Institute

  • To impart Technical and Professional Knowledge in various disciplines of Engineering through vigorous Teaching-Learning process supported by Co-curricular activities.

  • To introduce an eminent set of Soft skills, Technical and Managerial skills through Innovative learning process.

  • To succeed at leadership position in Industry, Academia, Research Centre and Non-profit organization.

  • To develop an ability to respond effectively and appropriately to the changes in technology and paradigm shifts in business practice.

  • To equip young professionals to remember, understand through acquired knowledge for applying, analyzing and creating socially developed society.

Quality Policy

KEC will strive to build up and nurture excellence through:
  • The best quality of Foundation Knowledge and Core Concepts of Engineering

  • A set of Soft Skills needed from time to time in a dynamic milieu

  • A cross Cultural Awareness and Adaptability as a global player

  • Maximum exposure to enrich our scholars’ practical aspects of Engineering

  • Scientific visibility in perpetual Progress and permanent Research.