Vision, Mission & Quality Policy

Place Where Inspiration Begins


To create and establish an institution that will churn out scholars, for the millennium and beyond, adept at responding to changes brought about by globalization, be they technological, societal or paradigm shifts in business processes. Inter alia, the scholars will be global players in all respects, when they leave the portals of Krishna Engineering College.


To provide an academic and social environment that will stimulate academic excellence, development of cross cultural adaptability, flowering of soft skills and integrate human values and social concerns among students entering the college.

Quality Policy

KEC will strive to build up and nurture excellence through:
  • The best quality of Foundation Knowledge and Core Concepts of Engineering

  • A set of Soft Skills needed from time to time in a dynamic milieu

  • A cross Cultural Awareness and Adaptability as a global player

  • Maximum exposure to enrich our scholars’ practical aspects of Engineering

  • Scientific visibility in perpetual Progress and permanent Research.