Krishna Engineering College

Approved by AICTE, A Premium Institute of AKTU (College Code - 161)

Q1. What are the office timings?
Ans. The Institute runs from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. six days a week along with 2nd and 4th Saturday’s off. Any change is the timings is communicated via circular from DEAN (Academic’s) office.

Q2. Where do I get the information regarding Institute timings, holiday list etc.?
Ans. The DEAN(A)’s office releases six months academic calendar with all details – holiday list, time table, timings etc.

Q3. Where do we get the ID cards and how much time would it take?
Ans. The HR department would be taking the initiative for new joinees in the month of July/August. Minimum 10 applications lead to ordering the ID card’s. The photograph is collected from the employee. It takes minimum 10 -15 days for making the card. The application for replacement of ID cards due to various reasons lead to submission of Rs. 100/- in accounts department. Please read the instructions mentioned in the ID card.

Q4. How do we identify the employees’ owned vehicle?
Ans. Employees should paste the vehicle pass on their owned vehicle. They can get the vehicle pass from administration department.

Q5. How can we take tea from canteen?
Ans. Faculty & Staff gets the monthly tea coupons in the form of swap cards from administration department. One can use the same for having tea & other food items from canteen.

Q6. How do we mark our attendance?
Ans. KEC has biometric system for marking attendance. Each department has the software loaded in the computer and machine - scanner available. The HoD’S have assigned the responsibility to the departmental PA`s. Kindly mark your attendance on the same daily (In & Out). If you have forgotten to mark the attendance due to unavoidable reasons, kindly submit the application duly approved by HoD & Dean (A) to HR within 3 days so that manual marking of attendance can be done.

Q7. How do we get the 1st salary?
Ans. The HR department facilitates in salary account opening. You have to inform the salary account number after its activation to HR so that salary can be transferred in account. If the account does not activate in specified time, the salary via cheque is paid to you.

Q8. How do we get the information regarding Income Tax calculation?
Ans. Please contact the accounts department for the income tax guidelines on the salary.

Q9. Does my PF deduct from day 1?
Ans. The faculty’s PF gets deducted after the completion of one year service in KEC.

Q10. What is the amount of PF deduction?
Ans. Rs. 780 gets deducted as PF amount.

Q11. Do you have mediclaim policy?
Ans. No, we do not have mediclaim policy. But we do have insurance policy for employees.

Q12. From where do we get the salary slip?
Ans. The salary slips are provided by HR on request. The request needs to be sent to HR department via e-mail. The salary slips are mailed to an individual within 24 to 48 hours. If one needs the salary slips for more than one month, request duly approved by HoD needs to be mailed to HR.

Q13. Do you provide salary certificate?
Ans. Yes, the form is available with HR for requesting the salary certificate. One can take the same in hard or soft.

Q14. Would I get the salary in next month, if it is deducted due to error?
Ans. Yes, of course. Please submit the application in HR for getting the salary as arrears by getting due approval of HoD on error rectification. The salary as arrear will be released in next month.

Q15. Where are leave applications?
Ans. Every department has the leave application booklet which are further issued from stores.

Q16. I have joined on 10th of the month, am I entitled for the CL (Casual Leave) of that month?
Ans. CL’s are credited in your account in advance for six months. If someone joins on or after 11th of that month; he /she is not entitled for CL of that month. For example if someone joins on 10th Jan will get six CL in advance but if someone joins on 11th of that month will get only five CL.

Q17. How many CL’s are present?
Ans. 12 CL’S in a year are accrued. Minimum 0.5 CLs can be availed and maximum 2 days in one go.

Q18. I have 6 CL’s in my account. I want to avail 5 CL’s in one go. Would I get the same?
Ans. No, as mentioned above, maximum 2 CL’s can be availed. The philosophy of CL’s is to complete the urgent and immediate work every month. Hence, plan your CL’s in a year in such a fashion, that they are not accumulated at the end i.e. December. CL’s lapses at the end of the year.

Q19. Can two types of leaves can be availed in one day?
Ans. No, two types of leaves in same day cannot be availed.

Q20. I do not have leaves in my account. But I need to go for urgent work. Will it be automatically taken as Leave without pay?
Ans. No, it will treated as absence-without information. For leave without pay, you have to apply and get it approved by HoD for 2 days. If it is more than 2 days, approval from Director is needed.

Q21. I have half day sick leave and half EL only in my account. I want to avail one day leave. Can I club half day SL and EL?
Ans. No, as mentioned, two types of leaves cannot be clubbed.

Q22.I have availed 4 days SL. Do I need to give medical certificate?
Ans. Yes, for availing SL for more than 3 day, medical certificate needs to be submitted along with the leave.

Q23. Can I club CL/SL/EL?
Ans. One can club only EL with CL or SL; CL & SL cannot be clubbed as leaves.

Q24. Who authorises my leaves?
Ans. The reporting officer authorises the leaves. The faculty’s leaves are authorised by HoD’s. If the leaves are more than 2 days in continuous form (single or clubbed), they should be approved by Director.

Q25. I have availed leave on Friday. Saturday and Sunday was weekly off. Monday was holiday. I was not present on Tuesday. How many leaves do I need to give?
Ans. The holidays & weekly off’s in between the leaves are counted as leaves. In the above case, you have to give 5 days’ leave.

Q26. I took 1st half leave on Friday. I was present in second half. Saturday and Sunday were weekly off. I was not present in the second half of Monday. How many leaves do I need to avail?
Ans. In the above case, weekly off’s will not be counted as leaves since you were present on second half of Friday and First half of Monday i.e. there is no continuity of the leaves.

Q27. How many EL’s are there and what is the process of availing it?
Ans. The faculty earns 10.5 days EL for the work from 1st Jan to 30th June i.e. 6 months and 10.5 days EL’s are earned for the work from 1st July to 31st December. They are credited on 1st Jan. In total, there are 21 EL’s in a year for faculty. They are credited in their account on appropriate basis as per the date of joining for new joinees.

Q28. I have joined on 10th September of the month. How many EL’s are credited in my account?
Ans. EL’s for faculty are credited on 1st July and 1st Jan only. If one joins on or before 10th of the month, one is entitled for EL for that month since he worked for 20 days in the month. But if one joins on or after 11th of the month, the leave for that month will not be accrued. In the above case, Sept-1.75 EL, Oct-1.75 EL, Nov-1.75 EL, Dec- 1.75 EL = 7 EL’s will be credited.

Q29. I was on leave without pay for 1 month from July to December. How many EL’s will be credited in my account?
Ans. The leave accrued for LWP will not be credited in the account. Hence 8.75 days EL’s will be credited.

Q30. Do I get compensatory off?
Ans. Yes, the compensatory off’s needs to be availed within 2 months.Comp Off for evaluation duty is not provided.

Q31. I want to cancel my leaves. How do I do it?
Ans. Submit the application of cancellation approved via HoD to HR.

Q32. Is there any time limit to submit leave application?
Ans. Yes, It is appreciated if one plan their leaves & submit the leaves proactively. The leave applications need to be submitted within 24 hours of joining the duty back or to maximum of 3 days of availing of the leave. The leave application’s columns should be filled with due concentration. Please do not forget to tick type of leave availed and dates.

Q33. Can I submit one leave application for all types of leaves (SL/EL/CL) for leaves on continuity?
Ans. No, one leave application for one type of leave needs to be submitted.

Q34. I wanted to know leave balance. What is the process?
Ans. Leave balance would be mailed to departmental PA; You can check the leave balance from departmental PA. If not, drop mail to HR for leave query and get an answer immediately. If not, visit HR.

Q.35 Can I avail Leaves during the notice period?
Ans. Notice period is for one month from the date of your resignation. One can avail the CL during the notice period and that too for emergency purpose only. Notice Period is a period wherein handover of tasks take place, if a person is on leave, how would the task be handed over. The EL's would not be adjusted with the notice period since the logic of notice period fails.